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"Authority as service is also related to the parents' responsibility as primary educators."
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Authority in the Education of Children
In the process of educating each child, the authority of the parents is an indispensable service. (Service means, "acting for, in the interest of, others") To persevere in spite of everything implies that the parents recognize their authority to be a service to their children, to help them grow in freedom and responsibility.

Authority as service is also related to the parents' responsibility as primary educators. To think, to be informed to decide, to communicate clearly, to lead to accomplishment, are successive phases in the exercise of this authority. To dispense with some or anyone of these stages may lead tot impulsiveness or inconsistency and, consequently, to sheer authoritarianism or an arbitrary exercise of authority demanding a more or less blind compliance; or to the attitude of "giving in to everything" and hence to a despairing abandonment or to indifference "the non-exercise of authority." Neither authoritarianism nor indifference is educative because in each case authority is wrongly used. Parents are vested with authority precisely in order that they may bring their "authorship" to completion. Parenthood does not stop at procreation.

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