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"True communication is based upon those things that are mutually shared or loved by both parties."
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When we think of communication we normally consider things such as talking, listening and understanding. However, we would like to draw a distinction between these and what constitutes "true" communication. Talking, listening and understanding are communication skills and are mostly taught within the daily activities of family life. True communication, is more than these skills. It is based upon those things that are mutually shared or loved by both parties. If both parties value baseball or education than baseball or education becomes a matter of communication. If it is not mutually held then it becomes a matter of information. Information is fine but it does not have the capacity to unite people.

Values that are held in common unite people and families. If the values are profound and worthy of human dignity they will withstand crisis and deepen the character of the individuals and the family. Conversely, it can be said that crisis will challenge the values of a family and reveal the characters of its members. If the values are based on superficialities such as money, power, physical beauty or pleasure they will crumble under stress.

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