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"It is of benefit to consider the general concerns which face priests in preparing couples for marriage and the couples' disposition."
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Concerns in Marriage Preparation
There is a need to understand the general state of the engaged couple today in America, where they are in relation to the Church, why they come to the Church, what is essential for them to know in order to form a valid covenant and live it out, how do we draw them into closer relationship to the Church now and in the future, how do we assist them in their journey in charity, how do we acknowledge their dignity, present the Church's vision of marriage and answer these questions:
  • How do we make the vision incarnate in their lives?
  • How does theology become flesh?
We ask these questions in light of the various concerns in regards to practice and acceptance of faith, interfaith marriage, maturity and disposition, cohabitation or premarital sexual relationship, family life. We are also concerned abut the cultural influence which promotes selfish tendencies and expresses a cynical view of family life and children, a lack of authority, and failure to acknowledge the moral authority of the Church.

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