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Decision Making in Marriage
Unity in matrimony is very much related to the mutual and voluntary surrender of the married couple. This surrender is also related to the explicit and implicit decisions of sharing a set of values that are the basic standards that produce harmony in everyday life. This means that the relationship, understood as the habitual communication between the partners, needs a previous resolution. The capacity of giving and sharing in matrimony, and the specific relationship of each couple depends a lot on this. It also depends on the decision making about communication problems that arise from change in the marital relationship or in any other aspect of family.

The unity produced by the initial decision of the commitment for the rest of life will later be reaffirmed by these smaller decisions, taken either together or by each one in their area of autonomy. It is usually said that bad decision making about secondary things is one of the leading causes of problems in matrimony. In our opinion, the fact that some couples don't come to an agreement about earning or spending money, for example, is not significant by itself, because differences in criterion might exist in subjects that by their own nature are debatable.

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