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"Parents should present objective standards of what is right and wrong, thereby creating a sure moral framework for life."
-Truth and Meaning
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Because of the rapid scientific advances in this field, the technical nature of the procedures involved, the complexity of the moral issues connected with such processes, the publication of official church documents on the subject, and the teachings of moral theologians about artificial procreation and reproduction, we encourage couples and the clergy to consult competent persons, with the diocese or surrounding dioceses that can assist them in evaluating a proposed course of action.” Faithful to Each Other Forever

National studies have shown that 30% of all couples will have problems conceiving. 20% of them will be infertile. The reasons may be:
  • Physiological problems within the man or woman
  • Marriage later in life
  • Lifestyle, including substance abuse
  • Prior abortion
  • Contraception
Most Fertility specialists will ask to see a fertility chart to help him or her diagnose the problem.

This will also help couples help themselves by timing intercourse for optimal exposure to conception

For Couples Who Know They Are Infertile
Infertility is not an impediment to marriage. Although it should not be a topic of conversation in a larger group setting, it should be discussed privately with openness and candor.

The pastoral minister should lead the couple in an understanding of their condition in light of their vocation to life giving love and Catholic moral teaching.

The pastoral minister should help them understand that a child is a gift, not a right.