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Marriage Preparation is a Family Affair
Most important is that parents prepare their children for marriage. The vision of marriage and family is formed within our personal family. The values a couple share will be passed on to their children. The way the family expresses love will be commonly understood. One family may be affectionate; another may be more formal. One family may be emotional in the way that it deals with a crisis while another is more stoic or cerebral.

The practices of a family become habits which, for good and ill, will not change easily. This is why the parental efforts are so important and impossible to replace. The habits of eating meals together and saying prayers as a family go a long way in forming character and family traditions. The respect that is shown between the spouses and each family member is communicated clearly to the children. If the virtues are honored and strived for within the family, they will become rudiments in the life of the new family.

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