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"The friendship that exists between siblings is similar to that which exists amongst peers."
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Relationships Between Brothers and Sisters
Although it is somewhat difficult to achieve, siblings are capable of and should aspire to being friends. There exist siblings who are friends but there also exist siblings who are separated by rivalry, fights, and animosity. There are people who share more affectionate relationships with friends than with their own siblings.

The possibility of developing friendship among siblings is great. Aristotle notes many factors which favor this friendship: having been born into the same family, having grown up together, having been educated alike. In addition to these factors, which are true of all siblings, there exist two other necessary ones, found only in families: that the children be virtuous and close in age.

Based on their biological nature, siblings share a reciprocal affection that develops from years of living together. However, most of the time this affection results in simply the becoming more acquainted.

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