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"There is no such thing as what is popularly known as 'child sexuality.'"
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Sex Education in Childhood, Ages 6-13
From conception onwards, the human being is male or female. The child is thus by nature either male or female, which implies that by education and consolidating the patterns of masculine or feminine development we can help the child to acquire his or her genuine sexual identity. Full sexuality -adult sexuality- is an evolutionary process in which strands of growth and maturation are interwoven. In other words, there is no such thing as what is popularly known as "child sexuality."

As we said, the child is male or female, and this entails a combination of personal developmental characteristics and phenomena which make up the difference between the sexes. This whole dynamic process is one of organic training and functional integration which makes possible the appearance of differentiated (adult) sexuality at the end of childhood. Before the child has reached the minimum levels of mature differentiated sexuality, one cannot strictly talk of phenomena which are sexual in nature, only of phenomena which are gender-based.

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