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Stages of Married Life
The idea that marriage is an end in itself, that the wedding day is a moment before which there was expectation and after which everything is fulfillment, has existed for some time. Specialists, who have studied what really happens in married life, have come to the conclusion that life within marriage changes with time and circumstances. To these external factors, which often condition the judgment of observers- we should add, as an essential element, the changes within the spouses themselves and the quality of their relationship. Both factors should be considered in the light of a greater or a lesser agreement about the ends of marriage and the development of matrimonial love. We are going to study this last aspect from a dynamic point of view- that is, how it changes in each stage of married life so as to reach some positive suggestions on what guidelines can be followed in its development.

Guitton, in his book Human Love, presents a description of the different stages of love. Without intending to imitate him, we are going to analyze love as a moving from "a me to a you," from "a you to an us" and from the "us to the them," in a process, which is also the process of emotional maturity.

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