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The Age of Innocence and Innocence
A fathers role in developing a sense of intimacy in his sons and daughters takes different forms depending upon the age of the children and the educational environment. The father's role in instilling a sense of a man's intimacy increases as the age of innocence approaches puberty. Up until this time, a father's place is very important but much of the intimacy comes from the relationship with the mother. The mother's nurturing affection and attention allow the child the grow within a secure warmth of their mother's love. The child's innocence is protected by the virtues, which the family practices.

Fathers and mothers establish and define boundaries to would protect the child and help the child to understand the importance of those boundaries. Some of the boundaries have to do with protection against strangers. Others have to do with the area and times that children can play or restrictions concerning leaving the property or going into some one's home without permission. There would be rules about behavior in another's home and what TV programs, movies or activities would be permissible for the child. This would be true not only in someone else's home but of course, in one's own. There is a constant movement of modesty to protect the age of innocence.

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