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Formation in Christian Love series
Parenting books give the impression that parents do not know what they are doing and that they need some professional expert. However, most parents know more about educating their children than any expert. It is because they know and love their child that educating them is about love. Also, parents are fundamentally competent by nature. However, with all the "experts" spouting these half-baked notions, parents may doubt themselves or become confused.

Formation in Christian Love, in 4 Volumes, seeks to confirm what the parents already knows as being sound. It helps the parents with the particular questions that they have about their child and his circumstances. Usually, this means that once they understand the concept or idea, then they know how to make it work. Our books are not to burden parents but to lighten their load and support them in their endeavors.

Volume 1: Christian Family Life Education Formation in Christian Love Bookcover
This volume seeks to confirm what is normal and what the parents are already doing correctly. Formation in Christian Love covers the spectrum of a child's education into adulthood. The range of the program extends from birth to 18 years of age. A child develops gradually during a series of stages. During each of the stages, they acquire particular skills, capacities, and abilities in regards to their motor, psychological, emotional, physical, and social skills and dispositions.

Identifies the 4 stages of development when the virtues can be acquired and contains the primary principles of educating children in virtue. Graphics and charts are used to bring concepts to life in a clear and way. It is practical and accessible, and it is so valuable that it may be the only book that is needed. Parents make an irreplaceable difference in the lives of their children. Dr. DiVietri introduces Parents Making a Difference, a format designed to assist parents to identify and articulate objectives in relationship to particular virtues or goals.

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