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Volume 4, Puberty & Adolescence

Formation in Christian Love Bookcover The Third Stage of Puberty and Adolescence addresses the education of the virtues related teenagers, 13-years and older. Practical guidelines are provides from the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality. Dr. Isaacs and Dr. DiVietri continue their practical assistance to parents to help them formulate concrete educational objectives and meet them. Discussions of puberty, adolescence, intimacy, influence of ideologies are highlighted; the problems and resolution between parents and their children are discussed. Practical aides offered in this volume can prove quite beneficial to the parent and child in relation to the virtues of respect, simplicity, friendship, moderation, sociability, chastity, and modesty.

Dr. DiVietri applies the formula: "DIF" to help parents form objectives in reaching their goals for each virtue during this stage.

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