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"More than ever necessary in our times is preparation of young people for marriage & family life..."
-John Paul ii
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Preparing for the Gift of Self
Preparing for the Gift of Self BookcoverThis is an excellent tool for parents and teachers whether in high schools or in the home. It presents the essential pedagogy of marriage preparation and the development of the young adult as they enter the time of dating and courtship and how it relates it to the good of Marriage. It also highlights factors contributing to healthy marriages and to divorce- the number one factor contributing to people's fear of commitment. The work follows a logical order building to the meaning of the conjugal embrace and the moral teachings of the Church, protecting the beauty of marriage and the dignity of the persons. It is filled with integration and thought provoking questions to aid the student.

Among the topics covered are:
  • Different types of love
  • Marital love
  • Vocation
  • Marriage as a sacrament
  • The covenant and vow
  • Marital dynamics
  • Communication
  • Maturity
  • Common values
  • Family roles and influences
  • Goals and objectives
  • Natural Family Planning (NFP)
  • The first years of marriage
This constitutes the proximate marriage preparation program.