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"More than ever necessary in our times is preparation of young people for marriage & family life..."
-John Paul ii
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Christian Married Life: Covenant Love

Covenant Love Bookcover Covenant Love is a weekend retreat that begins on a Friday evening and ends mid-day Sunday. Through the retreat experience, couples make important preparations for marriage by readying their hearts, minds, and souls for the long-awaited wedding day and the new life that begins. The retreat invites couples to come away with Jesus to a quiet place. There, the couple can rest and encounter the Lord as the source of strength, peace, and happiness in their relationship now and later in their marriage.

Through talks, group discussions, couples sharing, reflection, and prayer, couples deepen their understanding of marriage and their commitment to all that it includes. They learn that marriage is a permanent covenant like the covenant between Christ and the Church- his faithful followers (Ephesians 5).

They come to realize:
  • how they share in God's life-giving power
  • their sexuality has been given to them by God
  • parenthood is a partnership with God
  • children are always a gift of God.
They are challenged to be light and salt in the world and to live out their marriage as Christians with courage, boldness, and complete trust in God. As the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation are integral to Christian married life, they are also part of marriage preparation and the retreat. Through the sacraments, the rosary, and benediction, the retreat is an experience that leads couples closer to the love and grace of God: Father, Son, and Spirit- and ultimately closer to each other.

The workshop is facilitated by the couple's manual, Christian Married Life: Covenant Love.