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-John Paul ii
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Living Sacrament: a Home Book
Living Sacrament BookcoverBrings wisdom and prayer traditions of the Church to the couple’s new life together. It is a valuable book for all couples preparing for marriage but also a wonderful benefit to married couples. Peter F. Ryan, S.J., Associate Professor of Moral Theology, Mount St. Mary's Seminary ,Emmitsburg, MD says of it, “Living Sacrament, for example, which I used in class, is designed to elicit a response of faith from couples and a desire to help each other and their children find eternal happiness.   The authors realize that most couples in our culture who are preparing for marriage need to be re-evangelized, so they carefully place marriage in the context of God's overall plan of salvation.   In this volume as in the others, psychological insights complement the presentation of Church teaching in a very appealing presentation.”

This book provides an excellent resource for high school marriage preparation programs or marriage enrichment programs.

Living Sacrament is a wonderful gift for any married couple. It brings the richness of marriage to life in practical and concrete terms. Couples need to see the good of marriage and the beauty that the Church proclaims, advocates and guards. Living Sacrament is a book for couples to read to provide a picture of that goodness and the hope it instills.

"I wish that this book will bring abundant fruits for people in their married and family life."
-Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, President Pontifical Council for the Family, Vatican City

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