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-John Paul ii
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Christian Married Life Team Manual
CML Team Manual Bookcover Christian Married Life Team Manual contains everything that is needed for presenting the Sincere Gift of Self Marriage Course and the Covenant Love Retreat as well as many valuable organizational & administrative tools, charts, and forms that make the coordinator and the teams work so much easier. PowerPoint slides are available for the entire Sincere Gift of Self workshop. Each slide contains the outline notes from the Team Manual. The team manual contains an excellent practical “Aid for Priests Counseling Cohabiting Couples” which defines the problem, the goal and the pastoral objectives in counseling the cohabiting couple. Training for all presentations is so complete that couples can prepare themselves without addition training meetings for each workshop. It includes:
  • Presentation tips
  • Points and Objectives for talk
  • Sample presentation
  • Questions to help couples to find examples of the points in their own life
  • Material for talk to better understand the points
  • Presentation Outline for the authoritative, demonstrative and interactive talks.
For Presentation Types, go to Page 2.