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"Parents should present objective standards of what is right and wrong, thereby creating a sure moral framework for life."
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Fertility and Natural Family Planning
Care for couples experiencing infertility oftentimes is one dimensional, focusing on primarily the physiological. However, good health is more than making sure the body is functioning properly. The psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of good health must also be addressed.

This section provides service in productive health from a Catholic perspective. All too often, Catholic health care facilities and providers are apologetic in their response to questions regarding these issues. However, they should celebrate that they have something much better to offer, fertility management, which works with the natural order and not against it. This results in the full integration all the dimensions of good health insuring that the human person's physical, emotional, social and spiritual integrity remain intact. Artificial Reproductive Technology will be examined and evaluated as to their morality, effectiveness and risk to the patient.

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