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"Parents should present objective standards of what is right and wrong, thereby creating a sure moral framework for life."
-Truth and Meaning
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Education in Intimacy
Intimacy is the exclusive right of the family. It is the constant theme, which runs throughout family life education and separates it from the activities of other institutions. We will see that it is not only the goal of education, the ultimate intimate union with God but that it is the means by which a family educates in the intimate expression of love between parents and their children.

Education in Human Freedom
Values unite the parents and the family while bringing freedom to its members to pursue happiness, to give and receive love and to know the truth. Freedom implies a possession or capacity. One must possess oneself in order to give to others and direct passions towards the truth revealed by right reason.

Education in Human Love
Educating is the role of the family because education demands love. This marks the difference between teaching and educating. You can only educate someone you love. Teaching is first of all food for the intelligence. Therefore the school can teach but the experience of love is necessary in order to educate in love.

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