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"A man and woman united in marriage with their children, form a family."
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Marriage and the Family
The uniqueness of family life is based upon the uniqueness of the relationship between the parents. Parents present the total gift of self expressed and protected by the goods of marriage and the vow of unconditional love based upon those goods. The virtues and values that support, express and manifest that love in daily life are the subject of family life education.

The family creates an atmosphere of trust and respect. The intimacy of the person can be revealed and guarded while one changes and grows, developing the freedom to give oneself as a gift, first within the immediate family, to God and then to others.

Properly speaking education involves the formation in love of a person's intimacy. This occurs under the guidance of those who are committed to guard, encourage and form that person in a spirit of unconditional love for all of life. It is this quality that separates family life education from all other forms of education. This education finds its foundation in the unconditional love of parents for their children and the parent's unique knowledge of each child.