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"Pursuing science can aid mental health which consists in the use of reason or the use of judgment."
-Fr. Chad Ripperger
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Modern psychology has failed because it does not know its subject matter, Man and his faculties. Man is viewed as only an organic substance without immaterial faculty. This is in contrast to the Christian view of Man as a body and soul composite. A science- in order to be valid- must know its subject matter in order for its point of view and method to be accurate and thus, to be a valid science. Since their view of Man is incomplete, it is not a valid science.

Psychology draws its principles from a number of sciences that are responsible for such subject matters as:
  • Philosophy of Man: Nature of man and faculties
  • Ethics: Appetites and moral order
  • Logic: Art of right reasoning
  • Metaphysics: How spiritual realities affect the operation of the faculties
  • Epistemology: Man's knowledge and how he knows
  • Natural Theology: Nature of the physical world
  • Moral Theology: Natural law and human action virtue/vice
  • Sacraments: How sacraments and grace affects man
  • Spiritual Theology: Nature of the supernatural life and laws
  • Anthropology: The study of human beings
  • From a Thomistic point of view, this constitutes the nature of a sub-alternate science in that "in a higher science there is given the reason for what the lower science only knows as fact."-Fr. Chad Ripperger, FSSP. Ph.D. The means of establishing a valid science of psychology would be based upon a Christian anthropology that includes those sciences upon which psychology depends for its principles.

    The purpose of the Institute of Thomistic Psychology is to establish and help form a valid science of psychology and provide educational direction, discourse and studies for this purpose.