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"Pursuing science can aid mental health which consists in the use of reason or the use of judgment."
-Fr. Chad Ripperger
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Study is the application of mental faculties to the acquisition of knowledge; the word studies is used here to mean a department of learning.

This opens us to the science of psychology whose object is man and his faculties. The possession of truth brings health to the intellect because truth is the object of the intellect. One never ceases the quest for it and it is especially important for those serving the family to continue studies to bring understanding of the human person, their purpose and their needs as they face the challenge of daily life.

This quest involves skills that are required to organized, systematize, understand, observe, confirm and prove.

Different sciences can be involved that are physical, philosophic and theological and Carmelite studies helps one see how something complex and abstract can be applied to daily life behavior in practical ways.

Research in any science helps one to observe, quantify, deduce and empirically verify.

Studies are presented in this department for priests, seminarians, counselors, students of psychology and others to assist them to assist others.