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The Family Life Institute presents an evolving aid for parents to help their children to develop good study skills. Study skills have a great deal to do developing the organizational skills that are necessary to accomplish a multitude of tasks not only as a student but in adult life in general. Most of the difficulties that students have with acquiring industriousness and diligence can be overcome with developing good study skills.

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    Study Skills Sites
    We have found many sites that provide a variety of aids. Here are a number of valuable study skills sties that are very helpful. Check them out, especially the U of M Assignment Calendar. It is quite remarkable.

    How to
    Site offers a variety of resources for developing study skills including "Managing your study time." Link includes access to other links on the site.

    University of Minnesota Assignment Calendar
    This is a gem for organization a writing or research project. It is my favorite site. The student plugs in the starting date, the due date, the subject area and the program calculates every step of the project and places it into a series of steps with the date for each and tells the student exactly what is to be done. Plus, it presents links to offer explanations and suggestions on the particular parts of each step. I believe it is the most valuable study aid on the internet.

    It is the simplest thing to use. Go to the site and plug in a due date and subject and see what happens. It is amazing.

    UIC College Study and Strategy Tips
    This is an excellent site from the University of Illinois, Chicago which offers assistance in all aspects of college academics, with a wide variety of study aids as well as organizational and test taking aids. Time Management, Studying, Lecture & Reading, Taking exams & Controlling Stress, Writing and Studying for Particular Courses.

    Study Guides & Strategies
    A non-advertizing site that relies upon individual donations and provides a significant variety of study skills.

    Purdue Writing Lab
    University of Purdue site offers a variety of aids to improving writing skills in various styles and genres.

    National Writing Project
    Site provides a variety of resource topics for teaching and learning writing